Take part in the 13th Swiss and Liechtenstein Chemistry Olympiad 2019!

You're at a Swiss high school or doing an apprenticeship? You are not yet enrolled at a university and were born after July 1, 1999? Are you fascinated by chemistry and want to show what you can do? Then the Swiss Chemistry Olympiad is just the thing for you!

Take part in the Swiss competition for participation in the 51st International Chemistry Olympiad (IChO), which will take place next year in Paris, France. The selection runs over three rounds: the first round consists of a multiple-choice exam, which is solved at home. After the second round in January and two preparation weekends in spring, the final round will take place in the week after Easter. The four winners of the Swiss Chemistry Olympiad will represent Switzerland at the 51st IChO 2019.

The same rules also apply to participants from Liechtenstein. Their delegation for the 51st IChO will also be selected over the same three rounds, but will be run as an independent competition.