Swiss Chemistry Olympiad

Final round

The best 16 to 20 students of the central examination qualify for the final of the Swiss Chemistry Olympiad. The effective number is determined using the largest point difference.

During the preparation weekends at EPF Lausanne and the University of Zurich, students will improve their practical skills and theoretical knowledge. Theoretical and practical lessons will also be held during the final week at ETH Zurich. On the last day of the final week the final exam (theoretical and practical) takes place.

Pupils who have qualified will receive further information at the rank announcement of the central examination at the University of Bern.

The Swiss Chemistry Olympiad is also responsible for the selection of Liechtenstein. Participants from our neighbouring country take part in their own competition, which is based on the Swiss Chemistry Olympiad and includes the same events. Up to 4 students can qualify for the Liechtenstein Final at the central examination.

The winners of the Swiss and Liechtenstein Chemistry Olympiad will represent their country at the International Chemistry Olympiad.